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Do you want to get
more clients with less work?

(The answer is obviously “yes,” right?

Like, who wouldn’t want that??)

Let's get real...

You've got your camera and an eye for beautiful shots, but you need people in front of your lens. You're sick of relying solely on showing up every. single. day. on instagram, making reels when that is not why you got into photography.


Marketing can be confusing, frustrating, and a total time suck. You find yourself wondering, “can’t someone else just do this for me?”

Why yes, yes I can.

I know what it’s like to want more website traffic and client inquiries, but not want to do more work than I already was doing.


I learned first hand the kind of power Pinterest has when I started using it for my own Etsy shop 8 years ago. Now, I want to help everyone harness that power for their business, too!


You'll have marketing that is working for you without you having to think about it.

Hey! I’m Meg - Pinterest + blog manager, non-stop talker, and the answer to all your prayers.



You'll get inquiries that say "I found you on Pinterest" and you'll think, "man, why didn't I hire Meg sooner???"



I know my way around Pinterest and a blog the way I know my way around a Chipotle.

(This is funnier and makes way more sense if you know how obsessed I am with Chipotle...)

Once I (kinda accidentally) figured out how to use Pinterest to drive tons of traffic to my Etsy shop, I was hooked. Getting to be creative and help people grow their businesses? Sign me up!


My goal in life was always to be able to make a living being creative (I didn’t go to art school for nothin!), so looking at pretty pictures, creating gorgeous graphics, and writing bomb blogs sounds like a good time to me.


(Can I get a little commotion for the alliteration there?)

While I am a Pinterest manager, my most used app is probably Spotify. This isn’t surprising when you find out I have a degree in singing and am a total podcast junkie.

(Where are my fellow armcherries at?? 💪🏼🍒)

Everyone loves a fun fact!

You have potential clients looking for you on Pinterest… let me help you show up in their searches.

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