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Is Pinterest Marketing Worth It?

is pinterest marketing worth it

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “is Pinterest marketing worth it for me?” at least a few times. Enough that you’ve Googled it or sought out my thoughts on the matter and ended up here, on my blog! So let’s jump right in, shall we?

I’ll get right to it - immediately yes. Pinterest marketing is worth it for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer or an online service provider or you sell products. Everyone can benefit from Pinterest marketing.

It’s never a bad thing to diversify and expand your marketing efforts. Especially on a platform where the lifespan of a post is years and content circulates over and over. (Unlike a lot of the other platforms we’re all on cough instagram and tiktok cough)

You could be reaching new clients without any extra effort.

Between that long post lifespan and outsourcing your Pinterest marketing, you could have a steady stream of website traffic, boosted brand awareness, and more inquiries without having to change your day-to-day tasks.

Have you heard of the marketing rule of 7?

They say that someone needs to see your content seven times before they’re provoked to take action.

(And with the shortening of all of our attention spans these days, I’d argue that number has gone way up since the introduction of this marketing concept.)

Expanding your marketing and consistent pinning can help you rack up the amount of times someone sees you and your content and your message. 

And that’s the goal, right??

As a Pinterest manager, you may think I’m biased when I say that everyone should be marketing on Pinterest, but I wouldn’t lie to you.

Between the unreal content lifespan, the ability to run in the background without any thought from you, and the fact that diversifying/expanding your marketing is never a bad thing, the answer to the question “should I be using Pinterest for marketing” is an obvious one.⁣


If you didn't already know -- Hi! I'm Meg, and I'm a Pinterest + blogging manager for photographers and other creative business owners. I share tips + tricks on how to get the word out about your business using Pinterest + blogging through helpful blogs, fun instagram posts, and an entertaining weekly newsletter where you'll learn things about me and my life along with those marketing tips.

Do you think all of this Pinterest + blogging stuff is great and all, but you're not interested in handling it yourself? No worries! I would love to help you out! Check out my service + pricing guide and let's chat!



Hey! I'm Meg -

I know what it’s like to search Google, scouring blogs for the answers to all my questions, because I’m a gal who likes to know things and do things without asking anyone (Google doesn’t count!) for help.


If you’ve found yourself searching for Pinterest marketing tips and tricks about how to blog as a photographer, I’ve got you covered!


As a Pinterest + blogging manager for photographers, I have so many little gems I can share to help you market your business without having to show up every. single. day.

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