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4 Tips To Make Writing Pin Descriptions + Titles Easier

writing pin descriptions and titles

Even as a Pinterest manager, there are parts of Pinterest I do not enjoy. If you asked me my least favorite part, I wouldn’t hesitate to respond with “writing pin descriptions + titles.”

Crafting a killer strategy? Rewarding!

Creating the graphics? Fun! Creative! 

Filling a scheduler? Kinda mindless! 

But writing the copy? Definitely the least appealing part.

In my years as a Pinterest manager, I’ve had to find ways to make the copy part a less painful process. Otherwise, I’m sure I’d procrastinate it long enough every time that I screw up my whole process!

So here are 4 tips to make writing pin descriptions + titles easier.

1. Have a keyword bank.

Every one of my clients has an extensive keyword bank that I pull up and put next to the window I’m writing copy in.


Not having to search around for the right keywords eliminates so much time spent on this part of the pinning process!


2. Don’t over think it.

Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes, think of what they’re looking for, and write to them. (Using keywords of course!)


3. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

When you’re writing descriptions for a batch of pins all for the same blog post, you can take something you’ve already written and rework it.


Whether that’s switching out a keyword here or there, reorganizing the sentences in a different order, or even changing some adjectives, don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be!


4. Use AI as a tool (not a replacement for you).

I don’t recommend fully having AI write all of your descriptions because it doesn’t know what the current best keywords are to use, but you can write your own description and pop it into ChatGPT and ask for rewritten versions.


Make sure you’re proof reading what it gives you before you use them. Keeping the right keywords and the right vibe is important!


Editing what ChatGPT just tweaked for you can be easier than doing it yourself!

At the end of the day, not every aspect of every single thing you do is going to be the most enjoyable. And that’s okay!

Next time you’re dreading writing the titles and descriptions for your new batch of pins, remember these tips, and hopefully it’ll help make that part of your pinning process a little less painful!

Orrrrr… Make me do it for you! When you hire me to manage your Pinterest account, you don’t have to do any step, especially not the ones that you don’t enjoy. Download my service + pricing guide here, and get all the deets. 



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