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Why Does A Wedding Photographer Positively Need To Be on Pinterest?

Brides + grooms are on Pinterest. You know they are! So if they’re there, searching for ideas and vendors for their weddings, shouldn’t you, a wedding photographer, be there to be found?

search for wedding photographer on pinterest

I’m willing to bet that 9 times out of 10, a personal Pinterest account has at least one board having something to do with weddings. You know how they say “every little girl has always dreamed about her wedding”? I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say most of those girls have created a Pinterest board about it, too! One could probably argue that there are many Pinterest accounts that were solely created for wedding planning! But let’s not just place bets, let’s talk real stats. (This next part is going to get a little number heavy, but I think these stats are important so just bear with me.)

900 million pins about weddings are pinned per year.

Nine. Hundred. Million. That’s a lot! Whether it’s bridal hair inspiration, venue locations, or wedding photographer related, wedding pins are definitely not in the minority.

Wedding-related searches on Pinterest total 378 million per year.

Again, we’re in the hundreds of millions. Can that number be daunting? Sure! But it doesn’t have to be. You can see this as 378 million opportunities for your dream client to search on Pinterest and find you, the wedding photographer of their dreams.

40 million users are on Pinterest to plan their wedding.

Weddings are planned on Pinterest. Even if it’s only in the smallest of ways, it’s just the truth. All those ‘little girls’ (and boys, let’s be real!) we talked about before are using Pinterest to create mood boards, find the engagement ring they want, and look for - you guessed it - wedding photographers!

So now you have all the stats showing you just how many opportunities you have to be found by people looking for wedding photographers. If you're in the wedding industry you have GOT to be on Pinterest. Whether you specialize in classic big weddings, courthouse ceremonies, or destination elopements. It's a no brainer!

If you aren't on Pinterest yet because you don't want to have to tackle yet another platform, don't worry. I've got ya covered! Click HERE and download my services + pricing guide and see how I can help you market to all your dream wedding clients. ☆

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