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24 Pinterest Calls to Action You Should Be Using

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Pinterest is the top of the marketing funnel. It’s where people discover you for the first time. This means it’s important to funnel people to the next step (your website) in order to keep them on track with their customer journey. How do you get people to go from Pinterest to your website? One part of the equation is a compelling call to action.

What is a call to action?

A call to action (or CTA) is exactly what it sounds like: text that prompts the target audience to move on to the next step.

They take the guesswork out for people. With clear direction, there’s no question on what they need to do and where they need to go.

What kinds of pins do calls to action work on?

All of them!

Whether you’re pinning about a blog post, a freebie, a product, or anything else in between, motivation for the viewer to click through and continue on is always beneficial.

Where do you even put a Pinterest call to action?

Good question. I’ve got a simple answer for you: everywhere!

First and foremost, on your pin images. It’s safe to assume that not everyone will read a pin description, so make sure it’s front and center so viewers know what to do next.

Second, in your pin descriptions. After your keyword-rich and well optimized description, you should include a little push to get your target audience to move forward with a click through to your website.

Don’t forget your profile, too. Your bio and board descriptions can hold Pinterest CTAs as well. These won’t be as specific as your CTAs on pins, but you can motivate people to head to your website or your Instagram if they’re looking for more of what you do. (Be descriptive!)

24 Pinterest Calls to Action

pins about a blog post

read more

learn more

check it out here

discover more

see the full list

read all about it

pins about a freebie

download now

swipe it here

get yours here

instant access

grab the guide

free download

pins about a product

shop now

add to cart here

grab yours here

on sale here

swipe one before it’s gone

buy here

general pins

start here

see more

learn how

jump in here

want more?

find out more

These are customizable depending on what the pin is about and where you’re putting them.

Keep Pinterest calls to action short and sweet for your pin image, but turn them into more of a sentence with keywords for your pin description.

What really makes a Pinterest call to action effective is true value on the other end of the action. Whether that’s an informative blog post, a rich freebie, or a great product, it doesn’t matter. So make sure you’re also providing incentive through the value you’re supplying through the link attached to your pin!

Using Pinterest calls to action will help you get one step closer to a successful Pinterest marketing strategy, I guarantee it!


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