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4 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

How many times have you thought to yourself, “Oh man, it’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog. I should really write a new post,” then go to write said blog and stare at an empty page with no idea what to write? It happens to the best of us. But never fear! I’m here with a list of blog ideas specifically for photographers AND a little extra prompting to help you get the writing ball rolling.

1. How you came into becoming a photographer.

This topic shouldn’t be too difficult to dive into as there’s no right or wrong answer. Tell your story! Was it a hobby you’ve loved since you were a child? Did your grandpa give you his old film camera when you were 9 and you’ve always had a camera in your hands since? Or did you take a photography class in college as a random elective, fall in love, and never look back? This is a great topic to use to show your personality and let the reader (your potential client) get to know you as a person, beyond the beautiful photos you take.

2. What are your must haves at a shoot?

Use this opportunity to cover what you as the photographer always make sure to have at a shoot, but also what you think the people in front of the camera should bring. Outfit change? Snacks to bribe their kids? Walking shoes to trek to the perfect location? This topic is kind of a two-fer - you get to share your opinion and expertise while also educating your potential or current clients on what they should expect and have prepped for their session.

3. A day in the life as a photographer.

You can use this idea in a bunch of different ways, so it’s kind of a multi-use idea! Take your readers through a family shoot day, a wedding day, an editing day, or even an admin day. Better yet, do one of each! You may think this information is mundane or wonder who would possibly want to read about it, but you’d be surprised. Not only do a lot of your clients or potential clients probably have no idea what goes into being a photographer, other photographers can learn from your processes.

4. How to pick a session location.

A blog post that speaks directly to your client is always helpful. They will either find this information on their own when they’re looking at your site, or you can refer people to blog posts you have already made for an in depth answer when they ask you for certain information. For this one specifically, give examples of location ideas like a couple’s first date spot or where they got engaged, or a playground the kids love to play at for a family session, etc. You can also take this opportunity to suggest different scenic spots in your area that are beautiful and you love to shoot at already!

Your blog posts are an opportunity to show your potential clients your expertise, your work, and who you are. They will use this information to decide if they will want to work with you, so take advantage! Don’t be afraid to show your personality and brag about all the things you know about your craft.

Did these ideas and prompts help? Should I write another post with some more ideas? Leave a comment below or DM me on instagram @leanonmeg and let me know!



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