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5 Easy Upgrades You Can Make to Your Pinterest Account

It’s one thing to know you should be using your Pinterest account to market your business, and it’s a totally different thing to actually get yourself to do it.

I totally get it! Pinterest is confusing, it’s a whole additional platform to try and master, and you’ve already got your hands full with other things like, I don’t know, your actual business?

That’s why I’m going to give you 5 things you can do right now (okay, or spread out over a few different days so it’s not too overwhelming…) to at least prep your Pinterest account to be found by all those potential clients out there scrolling through their Pinterest feeds.

how to optimize a pinterest account

1. Switch to a business account

This one’s easy, and pretty straight forward. We’re not using this account to find recipes to make for dinner this week, we want it set up and ready to attract all those dream clients you keep hearing people (people like me hehe) say are looking for you on Pinterest. It takes about two seconds and can be found on the Account Management page under Settings.

how to create a business pinterest account

2. Claim your website

A couple more steps to this one, but definitely important. Not only does claiming your website prove to people when they look at your profile that you are who you say you are (kind of like a blue check on instagram), but it helps with tracking how much traffic you’re getting to your site from Pinterest. We love being able to see our hard work workin!

3. Update your bio

Bios are annoying. No one likes talking about themselves! But this is KEY to being able to be found on Pinterest. Pinterest SEO is a whole beast in and of itself, but know this - you want to get relevant keywords and phrases everywhere you can. Your bio is the best place to start! Use this space to describe you and your business while using keywords your ideal client would search for.

4. Upload a good profile photo and profile banner

Let us see your smiling face! You could use your logo for your profile photo, but people want to see the person behind the business. Helps them feel like they know you, and will therefore be one step closer to hiring you. Profile banners are newer to Pinterest, and if you don’t have one uploaded, nothing will show on your profile in that space when people look at your profile (opposed to the big gray box you see on your profile when you’re logged into your account). Use this space to showcase one of your favorite photos you’ve taken if you’re a photographer, or some of your products if you’re a shop owner. You can also create a graphic that gives a little more about you and your business, if you’d like! Take this opportunity to let people know you better.

optimize your pinterest account

5. Create ~10 relevant boards

I know, I know. You’re looking at this one thinking “Ten?? You want me to make TEN boards??” And well, yes, I am. You don’t have to create 10, but that’s a solid number to shoot for. This is another one of those things that has to do with Pinterest SEO, which can (and will) be its own blog post. But know this, having 5-10 relevant boards on your account that all have descriptions with relevant keywords your ideal client would be searching for is the best way to make sure your content is showing up in the right places.

These 5 things are a great start to an optimized, successful Pinterest account, but they’re only the beginning. Visually attractive, valuable content is another important aspect, of course.

And if alllll of that just feels like too much work or you just don’t want to do it, that’s totally okay! That doesn’t mean you should skip over marketing your business on Pinterest completely though. You can hire a pinterest manager like me to do all of this PLUS create a kick ass Pinterest marketing strategy specifically for your business. That way, you’ll be getting those dream clients to your inbox without lifting a finger.

Doesn’t that sound great?? Check out my service + pricing guide HERE to see what it looks like to work with me, and let’s chat! ☆

upgrade your pinterest account



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