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Swipe My Monthly Pinterest Process | DIY Pinterest Marketing

monthly pinterest process roadmap, diy pinterest marketing

The consistency and volume needed for a solid Pinterest strategy can be very, very daunting. 

Even as a Pinterest manager, it was a bit overwhelming thinking about how I would be able to handle a full client roster at the beginning.

Because let’s be real for a sec - I did not have a good system for pin creation when I first started as a Pinterest manager.

It took SO long and I was all over the place and there was just no way I could get anything else done in a day if I didn’t figure my shit out!

Now, I have a solid process that I use for every single one of my clients.

I’ve established an easy to follow roadmap that allows me to know exactly what needs to get done and in what order, allowing me to put the mental effort on the actual content and not on flailing and hopping from one thing to another.

If you want to swipe my monthly Pinterest process, then you’re in luck!

I’m sharing the wealth today so that you can approach DIY Pinterest marketing with an actual plan in place.

monthly pinterest process roadmap, diy pinterest marketing

There are a few things in this monthly Pinterest process that you need to do before you make a single pin.

First, check your analytics and Pinterest trends to make sure you’re posting what the people want, and that your keywords are up to date.

Then, collect all the new content you have available to create pins for.

NOW you’re ready to start designing your pins and writing your optimized titles + descriptions.

Once you have all of that completed, dive into your scheduler and load that baby up!

(I use Tailwind or Metricool for my clients if you need a recommendation for a Pinterest scheduler!)

Keep in mind that your Pinterest process will get smoother and quicker as time goes on. 

You can jump in and use this process as often or as spread out as you’d prefer. Schedule out 3 months of content at once, if you’d like!

Just remember that everything is easier when you have a plan. Now that you have my monthly Pinterest process, you have a tried and true roadmap to take the guesswork out of DIY Pinterest marketing!


If you didn't already know -- Hi! I'm Meg, and I'm a Pinterest + blogging manager for photographers and other creative business owners. I share tips + tricks on how to get the word out about your business using Pinterest + blogging through helpful blogs, fun instagram posts, and an entertaining weekly newsletter where you'll learn things about me and my life along with those marketing tips.

Do you think all of this Pinterest + blogging stuff is great and all, but you're not interested in handling it yourself? No worries! I would love to help you out! Check out my service + pricing guide and let's chat!



Hey! I'm Meg -

I know what it’s like to search Google, scouring blogs for the answers to all my questions, because I’m a gal who likes to know things and do things without asking anyone (Google doesn’t count!) for help.


If you’ve found yourself searching for Pinterest marketing tips and tricks about how to blog as a photographer, I’ve got you covered!


As a Pinterest + blogging manager for photographers, I have so many little gems I can share to help you market your business without having to show up every. single. day.

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