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5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit When You Outsource Blogging

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We’ve all heard about blogging being a great part of a solid marketing strategy. But let’s be honest, most people aren’t doing it. I’d bet most people who aren’t blogging will tell you that it’s because they don’t have the time. Which is fair! There is a lot going on when you own a business, but that’s where outsourcing comes in.

When you outsource blogging, you are, of course, expanding your marketing efforts (which we love!) but you’re also getting a handful of other benefits.

1. Takes tasks you potentially don’t like and/or aren’t good at off of your plate

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they had blogging on their to-do list but they never do it because they hate writing, I would have many, many nickels. It’s on all of those to-do lists because everyone knows blogging is a part of a solid marketing strategy, so why not just have someone else get it done instead of letting it sit there? Outsourcing can be scary, but it’s such a brave and necessary step for a growing business.

2. Blogging boosts website SEO

The SEO benefits that come with blogging are seemingly endless. Valuable + sharable content, amazing for keywords, engagement, more website pages for those search engine crawlers, and so much more.

All of which leads to helping you rank on those search engines. Ranking on Google to be found by your ideal clients sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

3. Saves you time

When you outsource blogging, you’re reaching more people while not having to lift a finger… seems too good to be true, but it’s not! Also, all these new people you’re reaching are learning about you before they ever even talk to you. Blog posts answer questions they may have, show them your expertise, and let them learn a bit about you and your personality. It’s a little introduction to you and your business that you don’t even have to show up for. We love working smarter, not harder!

4. Adds to a killer Pinterest strategy

You knew I was going to bring Pinterest into this. I had to! It is what it is - Pinterest thrives with blog content to utilize. Pretty pictures are great and may get saved to people’s boards, but blogs promise value on the other end of that pin. One of the points of Pinterest marketing is bringing more people to your website, and blogs are a great way to do it! Blogging is a no brainer when you’re wanting to grow on Pinterest.

5. Gives you content to repurpose, essentially outsourcing more than just blogging

The biggest benefit of all? The ability to repurpose outsourced blogs into additional content. Longer form content like blogs is perfect for breaking down into smaller pieces of content. All the research is already done, and any info you could need is laid out in the post, so the hard work is done! Even better, outsourced blogs are written for you, so there’s no heavy lifting for you to do. AKA those smaller pieces are basically written for you, too!

  • Shrink a blog post down to an instagram caption. Or turn it into an infographic. Or a carousel post.

  • Take a main point from a blog post and chat about it on your stories.

  • Use a noteworthy takeaway from a blog post and fit it into a current reels trend.

  • Repurpose a blog post into a newsletter blast, driving more people to your website. (Shout out to all of the people reading this right now who came from my newsletter - a perfect example of some blog repurposing!)

So many opportunities within a blog post that you didn’t even have to write!

If you’re still questioning whether or not it is worth it to outsource blogging for your business, I’d be shocked! This one piece of the puzzle really can touch so many aspects of your business - all with little to no effort from you.

Want to find out how I can help you and your business specifically with blogging? Reach out or check out my service guide. Let me help you kick your marketing strategy (and business as a whole) up a notch!



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