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What to Blog About in 2024 | Blogging for Pinterest Marketing

what to blog about in 2024 blogging for pinterest

It’s one thing to know that you should be blogging to help your SEO and your Pinterest marketing strategy, but a whole different beast when it comes to figuring out what to blog about! Everyone’s business and brand voice and personality and goals are all different, so instead of giving a list of specific topics that may only be relevant to some people, let’s dive into how to figure out what to blog about. I’m going teach you to fish instead of just handing it over!

Blogging for your business accomplishes a few key things:

→ It helps people get to know you as a person, behind the business.

→ It helps people get to know your expertise.

→ It answers questions your ideal client may have.

Knowing these main benefits of blogging is helpful when it comes to brainstorming what to blog about. Ask yourself these questions:

→ How can I share a bit about myself in a way that makes sense for my business and my ideal client?

→ How can I showcase my expertise to gain trust?

→ What are common questions I get asked from potential clients and actual clients?

Any blog post that hits at least one of these questions is a great addition to your website. If you play your cards right, you can even hit all three main points in a lot of your blog posts!

Once you’ve figured out your main topic ideas, narrow down what to blog about for your next post by using the discovery platforms people will find you on - Pinterest and Google.

Using Pinterest and Google to see what is currently trending and what your ideal client is actively searching for gives you a better idea of what to focus on. It also helps your post get found by the right people, of course!

Examples of what to write about and why they work

What to Wear For Family Photos - Family Photographer

I know family photographers get asked about outfits all. the. time. This topic answers that commonly asked question, and also shows people that you know what you’re talking about. 

When writing this post, include photos from other family sessions you’ve shot to show off your work. (More expertise showcasing!)

Sprinkle your personality throughout your copy, and readers will be able to get to know you better while learning about family photo outfits!

4 Canva Font Pairings You Need For Your Branding - Brand Designer

Not only is this kind of thing searched on Google and Pinterest all the time (aka a common question!), it shows off your honed design eye. Readers will see your pairings and immediately know that you know what you’re doing when it comes to visual aesthetics. Which is exactly what they’re looking for in a brand designer!

You can include some fun ones, and even give your personal thoughts (not just your design input) to give it that personality flare we want in all of your blog content.

Top 5 Must-Have Wedding Photos - Wedding Photographer

Any future brides and grooms will be grateful to see some of your favorite shots you always get at weddings. They’ll get to see your work, while also noting that you are always on top of the key moments and memories couples want captured on their big day!

You can include multiple examples for each shot you feature. Along with every example, work in your own personal flare. People hire people, not businesses, so your personality really is important!

Ultimately, what to blog about all boils down to putting yourself in your ideal client’s shoes. Your blogs are for them, so write about what they want to know!


If you didn't already know -- Hi! I'm Meg, and I'm a Pinterest + blogging manager for photographers and other creative business owners. I share tips + tricks on how to get the word out about your business using Pinterest + blogging through helpful blogs, fun instagram posts, and an entertaining weekly newsletter where you'll learn things about me and my life along with those marketing tips.

Do you think all of this Pinterest + blogging stuff is great and all, but you're not interested in handling it yourself? No worries! I would love to help you out! Check out my service + pricing guide and let's chat!



Hey! I'm Meg -

I know what it’s like to search Google, scouring blogs for the answers to all my questions, because I’m a gal who likes to know things and do things without asking anyone (Google doesn’t count!) for help.


If you’ve found yourself searching for Pinterest marketing tips and tricks about how to blog as a photographer, I’ve got you covered!


As a Pinterest + blogging manager for photographers, I have so many little gems I can share to help you market your business without having to show up every. single. day.

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